Since launching Spotlight back in 2017, we’ve been thrilled with how it’s been received by our practitioners and the impact that its had with their clients.

When we started working on version 3.0 we set ourselves the goal of changing peoples’ relationship with Spotlight, and profiling more widely. In a world where we need adaptability, collaboration, and tolerance more than ever, we wanted to build something that moved beyond self-awareness to a way of thinking that would genuinely make a positive impact…

In trying to make the biggest step forward possible, we’ve had our heads down, and after all this hard work, we’re thrilled to be able to say that Spotlight v3.0 is now LIVE!

With the lessons we’ve learnt from elite sport at its heart, Spotlight v3.0 helps to ensure that the thinking and tools used by high performers in elite sport aren’t just reserved for them. New chapters, new content, and a whole new design make these messages even more accessible, personal, relevant, and actionable than ever before.

And by moving beyond a profile to a way of thinking, it helps you to create the change you need within your teams and organisations.

To find out how Spotlight can help you to harness the power of adaptability with your people, get in touch with us today using the form below.